Inez's Diary

Maturity of handling social media

We are living in an era which a maturity can be seen by how well a person handling a social media. With a “reminder” or “throwback” feature on most social media, we are somehow being reminded of how well we grow out of our status and comment through the years. I have my fair share of “cheezy” emotional breakdown, trash talk and pointing out an unnecessary trivial things in life, too by the way.

Remember that time when your facebook status is a cry for help? Well, i guess most social media status is a sign, a cry for help in some way hahaha. Or when it is to show that you are not the person ‘they’ think you are? A clarification. An existential sign.


At certain age of your life (re:old) you get to past the drama and the need to show your inner feeling on a social media. I once found a quote that says “Being adult is to sort which problem that is need to focus on, which things that need to be added emotion into. An intelligence to properly prioritize our selves to.” Yes, an adult is a person, one being. Ones who will bewildered and exhausted if it tends to every problems in life. So the key is just by sorting it out and prioritize. Well, i found the quote is somewhat true.

When you reach a rough patch in life, your emotion is heightened. You’ve become more sensitive to comment and uh..yeah practically everything related to you. When it hit you, you tempted to dabble your emotion on social media, to justify your feelings, to play victim. Its hard not to though. I don’t know why the need to, why it have to be a social media? I’m trying to remember an era before social media.

It was 2004 or 2003? I was a highschooler playing too much internet because the internet cafe is by my school. I was having the luxury of internet since about 1998-ish at home, but cut-off by my dad. So, i was quite literal on internet. I’m growing up with mIRC, waaaaay before Yahoo had messenger. But no…dabbling on social media haven’t started that early. Friendster is for saying Hi and get social with friend. And then Facebook came, it was around my first year of college. Then, all popping up. tumblr, twitter, blog, etc. Then it started…the rambling session.

Maybe the fact that it takes courage to really talk to people or perhaps its never easy to be that intimate with someone to share your deepest feeling or the need to immediately ‘feeling better’ umm… ‘less feeling worst’? Or all at the same time?


Psyhologically speaking, handling emotion is part of growing up. The older you get, the better you are in handling emotion. It supposed to be that way. With how people today handling the social media, it raises questions. One of mine are : Are people today failed to grow up? Or simply not growing at all? Or is it a regression? Because honestly, there are people older than me that seems to have the same level of emotional control as teenager. There are also people who lives in an era without social media and fully grow up before it touches their lives. Where is the control go? What is going on? Yet, here i am rambling on my blog, in the name of trying to figure it out πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

Also, psychologically speaking, there are this behavioral disorder called Narcissist, Histrionic and others. Its seems like there is a new form of normality for people today. That what used to be normal is outdated. Creating this new normal, that a behavioral disorder that once is a disorder isn’t anymore. Scary, right? And i believe that you all see it, the norm is shifting slowly.

Just by looking on how people are handling a social media we’ll see a lot of things, personally or even on society level. It can be assesed (let me know if any of you is interested in assessing this-psychologically, i’ll be happy to part of it). Well, that is all i’m gonna ramble today. A food for thought.



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