Film dan semacamnya · Inez's Diary


i was about to write my diary. then i found my self trying to write things that i should probably be talking to you. what is it about you that make me still care?

this is not heroic, this is a martyr. i know you’ll die trying to save me because you love me. and how is that gonna make me feel better?

if you walk away, then this is about you. because i know what i want. baby, i love you. don’t hide from me.

*i cant be with you, love. everything thats happen is not because you, not because we fell in love for each other. its because of me, everything is because of me…

*i don’t know what love is. but i know i suppose to grow old, have a family. now… its just… not the time.

i wish i could forget all the bad stuff..everything before you came, who you are. i’ll forget how i feel about you, but i rather remember everything than lost the way i feel about you.

*please, you have to let me go. its for the best.

i met a boy. we talked, it was epic. then the sun came up and reality set in. he said

*well, this is reality

—percayalah sodara, kalimat2 di atas adalah line dari tv series The Vampire Diaries antara Elena dan Stefan yang saya susun sedemikian rupa. i think its awesome—


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