Inez's Diary

story of us

Why, why this is happening to us?

I love you so much that I can’t make this feelings fade away

I love you so much that I stand by you all this years

I love you; I love you so much even when I’m with someone else you still the place I run to

No matter how hard I tried, no matter how long it has been. You still live within me

And I know for sure, you feel the same way though may not as strong as I am

I don’t know how but it seems you keep coming back to me

We’re not ignoring the feeling anymore, we’re now aware and realizing it

But still, there’s always something, a line maybe, drawn between us

Something that prevent us being together

Sometimes it’s in you, sometime it’s in me or else that keeping us. Not to be apart, but just far enough that we can’t be fully expressing our feeling.

There are always unfinished things with you, always a thing left out or stay out reach.

What about that? That thing make you so hard to reach yet so seducing with the feelings we have, feelings we both know each other.

I love you so much that if we weren’t meant to be. I hope I can live with this big hole you left inside my heart.

I love you so much that if you’re not end with me, I still can smile seeing you happy with someone else…perhaps

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