Inez's Diary


so sorry to have you wait

i never meant to desecrate

everything about you is delicate

i’m so scared that “us” is not our fate

it won’t be long, i promise you

stay with me, miss me, don’t ensue

this time is long overdue

i need to prepare myself welcoming you

by the grace of the heaven

finding you is the greatest thing happen

the joy is exhilarating

baby i would lose my breath

if i don’t remind myself

that i had to live to know that you’re mine

be still, don’t go just yet

i’ve been thinking,

i’ve been looking for the right word to say

i love you? no, i think that is too soon

i care about you? i think you’ll figure it out

i missed you? i’m sure you already know

what is it? i… i…


yes, you’re here

you stay here, right inside my heart


so please be still here

i’d like you to stay here

with me, within me

i made those poem only to found out that i get dumped few days after. feel so stupid to make that kind of man waiting. is it too long? or he’s just playing? i don’t know…
when he asked…. lovesick mistake by Erin McCarley playing over
when i’ve decided my heart … your guardian angel by Sabrina (the red jumpsuit appartaus cover) plays non-stop
when i found out why he’s not answering me … silence

kind of hard letting it go. perfect timing. i’m ready but my doubt giving space at what should’ve been proximity.
i wish that it only left a broken-heart, but unexpectedly it left me blank. just in time i was beginning to be brave and trying to plan something again, you left. leave me under my crumbled hope and plan. i don’t have any plan, i don’t dare to make it.

so good luck to you  my … ( i don’t know what to call you).
you may not understand this, but i wanted you to know i choose you. sadly, you choose somebody else. pity me…
one more thing, you’re a great no matter what have you been through.
maybe it is my loss for not having you as mine

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