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every picture has its own story

starting to like photography since i lost my vacation photograph almost 3 years ago. i became obsess to capture any scenery i seen on my way anywhere. all this picture can be seen on my facebook album.

prambanan juni 2007

this is the picture i can save from my friend phone. ini candi prambanan yang masih renovasi akibat gempa besar jogja. akses k candi terbatas, kita ga bisa masuk liat candi dari dalam so we’re taking picture from the outside. langit biru cerah, cuaca panas gila, u can see it in the picture.  so what is the story? ini adalah salah satu foto yang bikin saia mulai suka fotografi. its one of the lost and found picture, thank to nelly rachmawati lubis yang masih menyimpan foto ini.

sun spot peak

masih prambanan di saat yang sama dengan foto di atas.. terlihat seperti gerhana tapi bukan. i love sun spot picutre, must of y picture trying to capture it wether its sun sire, sun down, dawn anytime that sun peeking in the air.

somewhere in cirebon highway
whats the story? on my way to surabaya dalam rangka  stukom bem kampus. feeling miserable and alone, trying to enjoy this long road by taking my favorit object, sun. its sun down, and its beautiful.
sun down in the mountain
masih saat stukom, feeling lonely again coz everyone asleep in the bus. we’re on the mountains, i’m trying to catch the sun down between trees at the mountain peak. ntah gunung apa, i’m not even sure where i am, its between malang and kediri.
cipanas - garut

feeling sleepy and major headache hit  coz up all night playing card, taking this picture after visiting a temple. its kind of scenery that hardly found, green peaceful things and soft winds blow without heat stroke coz the sun hid behind the white could. there’s no one there but us, not even the farmer.  its good to be there

* there’s no editing stuff in my picture. no photoshop kind of stuff. it’s real and natural.
* no picture grab allowed without my authorization!!!

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