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songs in my playlist

i’ve been hearing this song lately

1. apocalytica feat adam gontier – i don’t care (ost smallville s08e16)

2. aocalyptica feat cristina scabbia – anything but love

4. taylor swift – love story

5. the all american rejects – back to me

6. boys like girls feat taylor swift – two is better than one

7. Joshua radin feat schuyler fisk – paperweight (ost the last kiss sama ost dear john)

8. Amanda seyfried – little house (ost dear John)

9. my chemical romance – ghost of you

10. the fray – never say never (ost transformer 2 : revenge of the fallen)

11. cavo – let it go (ost transformer 2 : revenge of the fallen)

12. Oh mercy – can’t fight it (ost vampire diaries)

13. Jason walker – down

14. Leona lewis – run

15. five for fighting – chances

16. alex band – only one

17. avenged sevenfold – dear god, afterlife, seize the day

the most played-nya

two is better than one, paperweight, little house, i don’t care sama back to me

i don’t know, those songs kind of describing what i’m feeling. things that i can’t say, things that i can’t show, things i hope and so on. so what does it make me? i’m just trying to get through my life. each day is a struggle, i hardly keep my mind on my important task. GRADUATE!!

i can’t miss another graduation day, i have to be there this year. i must or else i gotta be ashamed for the rest of my life. so perhaps, with this little “katarsis” i’ll find my back, i’ll light up my spirit again.


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